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Welcome to my blog. You've stuck in my unprivate diary. Its a place for me to meditate and share my emotions . I'm not perfect at all. But i try to be the better one. Insyaallah.

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bila budak yang pendiam bersuara
dulu aku selalu diam je apa yang orang kata pasal aku,,
dulu aku buat tak tahu je apa orang kata tentang aku
dulu aku buang semua masalah aku and tak nak pikir
dulu dulu n dulu
but now i'm not like that person anymore!!
awak,awak and awak
nak kenakan saya
sorry saya takkan berdiam diri lagi
what u did to me
i wanna move forward and doesnt want to turn back again
this me the new one
thanks for the all the things that u done to me
that will make me cry
thanks a lot for ur ADVICE
thanks a lot
my friends
now i wanna become a brave person
never cry again
just keep smile,,smile and smile,,
(tiada kena mengena dengan sesiapa pun)

16 MEI 2011
3.20 PM